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At we understand that you are on a deadline for your big day or your replacement ring surprise. Shipping is within 3-7 business days but may vary depending on the time of year. Contact us if you have a special need.

You may exchange your item for a different size for FREE within 14 days of receiving your item. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges to ship the ring to us on the exchange. All returned items must be in new condition to be eligible for an exchange. Please email us at if you need a different size.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you need a different size or style simply let us know. All rings may be exchanged for a different size or style only. We will do everything we can to find the ring you love and make you happy. Please email for exchange instructions.

Question for anyone who would know better than I. I am considering getting a wedding ring of (nearly) pure osmium. Osmium comes with a few hazard statements, most of which seem to deal with Osmium Tetraoxide (OsO4). I know that OsO4 is highly toxic. But my question is, how likely am I to encounter exposure to it from wearing a pure osmium wedding ring Is wearing the ring safe, to my eyes, skin, lungs and kidneys Thank you.

While the Osmium Institute has made its own jewels with the metal to show off its potential, and Hublot released a watch with an osmium dial back in 2014, MyriamSOS is one of the first independent jewellery designers to work with the material. Osmium is sold as flat discs and has a glittery, sparkling finish and a naturally rough surface akin to a metal nail file.

The MyriamSOS Aqua Wave ring captures a pear-shaped disc of bluish-white osmium within a curving figure of eight. In the other end of the loop, which takes inspiration from the undulation of waves, is a sapphire. White diamonds edge the 18ct white and rose gold ring.

Organic chemists in China have found a way to put osmium into a pyridine ring - leading to the synthesis of the first metallapyridinium complex. The reaction makes use of the classic ring-forming Diels-Alder reaction, so there is great potential to extend this process to other metals and compounds, the researchers say.

Trapping metals in aromatic rings is a field of intense study - and although there are many examples of metallabenzenes, hetero-aromatic rings containing both metal atoms and nitrogen or oxygen atoms are rare. Although the new method is not yet refined, it could provide access to interesting new metallacycles.

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Aromaticity is one of the most important concepts in organic chemistry. A variety of metalla-aromatic compounds have been recently prepared and in most of those examples, the metal participates only in a monocyclic ring. In contrast, metal-bridged bicyclic aromatic molecules, in which a metal is shared between two aromatic rings, have been less developed. Herein, we report the first metal-bridged tricyclic aromatic system, in which the metal center is shared by three aromatic five-membered rings. These metalla-aromatics are formed by reaction between osmapentalyne and arene nucleophiles. Experimental results and theoretical calculations reveal that the three five-membered rings around the osmium center are aromatic. In addition, the broad absorption bands in the UV/Vis absorption spectra of these novel aromatic systems cover almost the entire visible region. This straightforward synthetic strategy may be extended to the synthesis of other metal-bridged polycyclic aromatics.

Actually, osmium is a by-product of platinum, meaning that it depends on the platinum market.For example, it is necessary about 10.000 tons of platinum ores to get one ounce of osmium. It is very limited, approximately, mineable reserves are only 17 cubic meters. It can be found in Russia, Canada, South Africa and the USA.

For the last few years, osmium has become a new investment in the global market. Considering the fact that investors want precious metals to be a safe investment, osmium has also four items of exclusivity that ensure its security.

Second thing: every piece of crystalline osmium is certified, measured, and scanned at the osmium Institute in Germany. Actually, every piece of osmium has its eight-character alphanumeric code, known as The Osmium Identification Code (OIC) and QR code. These codes are stored in a decentralized manner and cannot be hacked. All data about osmium pieces are put in The Osmium-World-Database.

The cooperation and contract between The Swiss Crystallization Laboratory and The Osmium Institute in Germany are not limited by time and that is the third exclusivity. Also, osmium can be transferred or sold to another person anywhere in the world in a few seconds with the Owner Change Code.

Besides being an investment and a substitute for diamonds in jewellery, osmium has other specific uses.It is used to produce very hard alloys for fountain pen tips, instrument pivots, phonograph needles and electrical contacts.Also, it is used in the chemical industry as a catalyst, in microscope slides and medical implants such as pacemakers.

Also, osmium can be in form of letters, numbers, or special symbols a shooting star, note, heart, lizard, cat, elephant, etc. And of course, there are custom-made pieces in 2D or in special 3D shapes.

Osmium is not yet traded on the stock exchange. Its price is the spot price generated every day in Switzerland, taking into account the supply of raw osmium, the demand for crystalline osmium and other factors.

At every moment, everyone could check osmium prices, from the smallest osmium pieces to the large investment boxes with discs that are perfect for larger investments. Every purchase of osmium is based on the weight of the osmium and its geometry because different shapes imply different production costs.

The main institute is Osmium-Institut GmbH in Germany which is managed by Dr Ingo Wolf. Its main tasks are researching, and to ensure a standardized trade with crystallized osmium. The institute supplies registered merchants and partners, and give them all the important information about Osmium.

The work of the Osmium Institutes is managed by The Osmium-World Council. It is an independent group of various partners of experts in financial affairs. Last year in June, they organized the annual international osmium symposium in Dubai, where leaders from the world of osmium discussed customs regulations, new approaches, and goals for the future.

Ever since chemistry at high school, I've always had the metal Osmium on mymind as a very dense metal (the densest), very inert (like gold, platiniumetc). very rare ( cost 3 times of gold) with a silvery blue colour. All of these properties would make it appear to be just the right thing toget a attractive and unique wedding ring made from. I've approached one ortwo fairly specialist jewelers to see if they would be interested in makingme a ring from Osmium (at a price) with no success. Could anyone helpanswer the following:1) Does Osmium have such a high melting point that it is impossible tocraft2) Is Osmium really silvery blue or does it make a very unattractive metalto look at3) Is it possible to purchase Osmium in a pure enough form to make jewellerfrom4) Would an Osmium ring really last a lifetime5) Have you ever hear of any jewellery made from Osmium before6) If so, where do I goMuch appreciate any comments or guidance on this. Surely there has to be an opening to make lots of cash here. Just think ofthe marketing campaign directed at the right people ...."Osmium.... moreattractive than silver, more expensive than gold, more exclusive thanPlatinum......."Regards,Jonathan

Yes. The highest melting of the platinum group, It melts at 5550 F,(3066 C). Compare that to Platinum at 3224 F. It also has a mohshardness of 7 (harder than most steel tools we work with) , which suggeststhat's it's probably far to hard to work with any degree of success. While I'm sure that it's theoretically possible to melt the stuff, thistemperature is way, way outside the range of any tools and materialsnormally used by jewelers. It's even higher than titanium, niobium, ortantalum melting points. The main use I'm aware of for osmium is as an electroplated surfacing forelectrical contacts, where it adds great longevity...Peter Rowe

Not sure of this one, but given the hardness, I'd rather expect it to besomewhat brittle rather than ductile and/or malleable. That would suggestthat though you wouldn't easily scratch up your ring, dropping it mightbreak it. Just a guess.

The following extract from the Non-Ferrous Metals Database of the CAMBRIDGE MATERIALS SELECTOR (CMS) [see http:\\] maybe of relevance to your idea for Osmium wedding rings: NameOsmium, commercial purity, hard IdentifierMOSCP__002 Short NameOs: >99%, hard DesignationOsmium Metal, commercially pure Composition>99%Os WarningOsmium metal does not normally cause problems as it isrelatively unreactive but all osmium compounds should beregarded as highly toxic. Osmium oxide, OsO4, is highlytoxic and can cause lung congestion, skin damage, andsevere eye damage. NotesOsmium is shiny, bluish white, extremely hard, and brittleeven at high temperatures. It smells, due to the formationof the toxic and volatile oxide, OsO4. Its name is derivedfrom the Greek "osme" = "smell".So use it at your peril! If you really want an unusual alternative to gold, then you could try rhodium, which is pretty safe and has much the same properties as gold - according to Metal Bulletin's "Prices & Data 1996", it halved in price during 1995, and was sold by Johnson Matthey at 260USD pertroy ounce on Dec 28th 1995. On the same day, gold was trading at386-387 USD per try oz. on the London Metal Markets.I am also getting married soon, but my fiancee and I plan to stick totraditional gold wedding rings!All the best for a happy marriage!Mark-- Mark ThorntonTel: +44 1223 332760Cambridge University Eng. Dept.Fax: +44 1223 332662Trumpington StreetE-mail: CB2 1PZ, UK mht11/ 59ce067264


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