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The Solano Drive-In In Concord, CA

A good movie is never hard to find when checking out Solano Drive In's movie show times in Concord, CA. Bring your own movie snacks and get comfy in your car seat as you watch a flick at the drive-in theater.

The Solano Drive-In in Concord, CA

If you're looking to enhance your movie-going experience, Solano Drive In in Concord is sure to meet your expectations. Got kids? No problem at Solano Drive In! This theater is a fantastic spot for families to hang together. Solano Drive In even offers a drive-in theater, great for people who dislike crowds.

"We are thrilled people are rediscovering the family fun of the drive-in," West Wind District Manager Nancy Crane says. "Parents bring their kids to watch the first movie then the kids fall asleep in the back seat while the parents watch the second movie. It's the perfect baby sitter."

Drive-in movie theatre and flea market. The largest screen sizes in the country bring the family to enjoy the tradition of drive thrus. West Wind is now the largest owner-operator of drive-in movie theaters in the country, with locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.

We always enjoy this drive-in. We usually bring our own food and drinks, but there's also popcorn and typical movie theater food available for purchase, plus restrooms, and free water at the soda... Read more

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With the remodeled concession facility, playground and patched-up parking lot welcoming them, moviegoers of all ages and backgrounds reveled in the place. Some were thrilled about their first drive-in experience, and others were overwhelmed by nostalgia.

The Concord theater closed in summer 2005 with no explanation but was resurrected by West Wind Drive-Ins after a flood of requests. The company, formerly known as Century Theatres, owns six other drive-ins, including ones in San Jose, Sacramento and Reno.

As with most drive-ins, the layout remains the same, sans the clunky speakers cars used to have to attach to windows. These days you have to have a car stereo or portable radio to tune in, as one woman discovered too late as she lamented to theater staff the recent loss of her antenna.

Jose Cruz of Pittsburg packed up his whole family like a drive-in professional, the truck backed into a perfect spot to allow the kids to watch the double feature from its bed lined with a comforter. They brought take-out pizza and hung out before the movie started, listening to music and chatting.

Fort Mason just announced a drive-in movie plan for its parking lot. Frameline's fab opening night world premiere of D'Arcy Drollinger's sexploitation satire, Sh*t and Champagne, is a perfect selection for the Concord Solano Drive-In.

"Where better to host a drive-in than on the San Francisco Bay?" says Nick Kinsey, director, external affairs of Fort Mason, adding that the Flix events are "a chance for us to once again transport and inspire people through art." 350c69d7ab


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