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Buy Atoma Notebooks Online

Buy Atoma Notebooks Online -

Buy Atoma Notebooks Online

Sean, I wanted them for quite a while, but I never saw affordable ones and was happy to finally find two reasonably priced disc-bound notebooks. I assume Staples is selling their Arc System in the USA, but I am not sure how prominent they display the Arc system. There are some nice leather notebooks, too.

The Roterfaden holds two notebooks, and carrying that plus the William Hannah is more than enough leather journal for one person. (Especially a person with incipient back problems from lugging around too many notebooks and pens.)

The basic Atoma-style notebooks come with cardboard covers. While they are the most reasonable in terms of price and performance, the disc-binding system by its nature is reusable, and manufacturers have been coming up with pricier versions that have sturdier covers. In Clairefontaine parlance, the basic Clairing notebook is classified under the Metric line. The next step up, with white plastic discs and ribbed transparent colored plastic covers, is called Linicolor. The nicest-looking version is called the Kover Book, and comes with transparent rings, a matte plastic cover with front and back flaps, and five section dividers. As far as I could see in the store, Atoma had products corresponding to the Clairefontaine ones that looked very similar and cost about the same (CAD $10 for the Linicolor and $17 for the Kover Book). 59ce067264


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