The United DNA and Why Mourinho Gets It

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

There he was, tapping the Manchester United badge on his chest and finally becoming one with the club.

This was the day Jose finally severed his remaining ties with Chelsea FC, it was the day he finally proved to the rest of the World (like we did not know already) that he was still special and it was the day he stopped being the ex-manager of Chelsea and finally became the long sought-after successor to Sir Alex Ferguson.

It was an exorcism of gargantuan proportions.

Jose had not fully recovered from what was largely perceived to be a player mutiny in his last season at Chelsea and just when he appeared to have regained some degree of emotional balance at United, on came Chelsea with a humbling 4-0 trashing at the Bridge - once the venue of his many triumphs. Players who had looked dead on their feet under Mourinho had suddenly become world-beaters under Antonio Conte, and surely that must have hurt the proud Portuguese. As if that was not enough, Chelsea again knocked United out of the FA Cup in a bad tempered match that saw Ander Herrera get sent off. The player who engineered the sending off? Eden Harzard, a player with whom Mourinho reportedly clashed in that toxic last season at Chelsea.

So, in 2 matches against his former club, the special one had managed no goals and had suffered two damaging defeats in which his rumoured arch-nemesis, Eden Harzard had held sway. It was beginning to look like he would never get one over his former club.

And then on Sunday, April 16, 2017, it happened.

Mouhrinho tapping away at United crest after final whistle versus Chelsea. Courtesy Micheal Regan, Getty Images.

Mourinho tapping away at United crest after final whistle versus Chelsea at Old Trafford. Photo credit: Micheal Regan,Getty Images