Solskjær's United Infuriate with Flat, Feeble Showing Against Crystal Palace | Player Ratings

It was a draining performance to witness. It left you absolutely bewildered, with a somber heaviness that you instantly wished could be lifted away from you, washed away into the abyss, and relegated to the far recesses of the memory – so far away that your mind tricks you that it never happened in the first place.

You could almost hear a furious sucking sound evacuating all the excitement, anticipation, and rah-rah spirit out of the balloon red devils fans everywhere had lofted up to distract them from the insipid showing the Manchester United board had displayed so far in the transfer market.

We desperately needed something to distract us from the fact that the suits, puppeteered by the brood of Glazers, who are systematically cannibalizing the club from within, were showing alarmingly small interest in properly backing Solskjær’s fledgling project. United fans needed a distraction – they got a disaster instead.

Shocking Stat - It has been 5 years since United brought in a Right-Winger (Zaha)

There was a welcomed buoyancy to the trivial mental exercise of guessing whether United’s new Dutch wonder from Ajax, Donny van de Beek, would be handed a start in the first eleven against Crystal Palace. Fan’s toyed with several formation iterations, it was exciting to think about the kind of impact and bolstering he would bring to the center of the park. Like most new debutants into the EPL, it was unsurprising that, ultimately, Solskjær opted to leave him on the bench to opt for Paul Pogba who had just recently overcome a bout with the deadly coronavirus.

Three other squad players were uprooted from the bench and handed starts -