Does Ed finally have his man?

New Red Devil Boss Jose Mourinho

It is not immediately clear why United had been actively dodging the recruitment of Jose Mourinho as manager. Maybe the Ferguson-Charlton axis held too much sway in the boardroom, at the apogee of their powers, right at the unexpected if not surprising exit of the supremely successful Scotsman. There seemed to be a strident campaign to keep the Portuguese from occupying the Carrington office. It could have been fueled by legitimate philosophical differences, or maybe something more sinister was at play. We cannot downplay the role of professional jealousy, it is a real and thriving part of acutely competitive sports.

Any independent observer would have thought after 26 years of pure magic at the Theater of Dreams that Alex Ferguson would want his legacy followed by more success, making the bewildering coronation of the ex- Preston and Everton boss David Moyes such a bizarre decision, and more pointedly because as Mourinho reportedly declared – Moyes had not won anything, he was not a proven winner. Mourinho publicly, and unashamedly coveted the United job, even while he was gainfully employed by other clubs. It was the worst kept secret in British football.

So why Mr. Woodward and his board decided to make Jose wait through failed appointments of Moyes and the philosopher king, Louis Van Gaal is another one of those modern day sporting head scratchers. Van Gaal was backed massively by the board, and had an envious war chest at his disposal. In the history of Manchester United, no manager been given so much and done so little in return. For all the ad nauseam yapping about philosophies and processes, the self-declared trainer-coach was only able to deliver a FA Cup with the $300M which he was bankrolled with over 2 seasons.

The return of Paul Pogba

Jose Mourinho is bent on making Paul Pogba the most expensive player on the planet to sweeten United's odds of success

Now Mourinho has the job he had relentlessly pursued, the biggest British club and one of the global super powers in Manchester United. Will he be able to lead the club out of the wilderness and back into serious contention? He has asked his players publicly to forget the last 3 seasons, and as a psychological exercise this might just be the thing to do. Okay so let’s do that then, let’s forget about the Moyes Sunday league death by crosses, let us forget Moyes cowering to Brenden Rodgers Liverpool, Van Gaal ordering Phil Jones to take corners, and playing Di Maria, one of the best wingers in the world, as a target man – it is best and probably healthy to forget these things.

Here are 3 things the new United gaffer must do to ensure he at least gets the chance to stir the ship in the right direction this season.