We Are Not United | Can Ole Stitch the Club Together?

Manchester United, the entire institution – the club itself, and it’s global fanbase, is currently plummeting haplessly like a dysfunctional satellite forced to re-enter earth’s atmosphere without an adequate heat-shield or mechanisms for deceleration. This chastening descent is abrasively ripping at, and threatening the structural integrity of the United body as it tries to withstand all the frictional forces that have come to bear.

📷 Tanguy Ndombele scores for Spur leaving United defenders in his wake

Not unlike how Mourinho’s men of industry ripped through United at Old Trafford. Spurs left a wake of puzzling chaos at United’s backline, Maguire and Shaw did not cover themselves with glory and the reds double pivot of Pogba and Matic looked as if they were at sea, and at loss on how to cope with the torrent of incisive questions asked by Tottenham – It was a complete capitulation.

The United environment, the fabled theatre where dreams are realized, and the social media arena that contains it’s worldwide fanbase of red devils in the millions, has turned decidedly toxic – and we have to identify and recognize this to have any hope of reversing it. Some might feel there isn’t unambiguous evidence that the club environment, both on the pitch and digital landscapes, have descended into toxicity. But we must be alert to the tell-tale signs…

Natalie Thomas staging of toxic environments is both simplistic enough and regrettably telling -

We've all been in them. Situations so dire we lose hope, becoming the very person we pitied, dreaded, swore we'd never become.
While unhealthy intimate unions can wreak havoc on the psyche and may inform the way in which we treat others, it's usually an insular thing. Group dysfunction, however, is far-reaching and often much more dangerous. They say there's safety in numbers, but there's also destruction - Natalie Thomas

Three painful barren seasons and seemingly perpetual rebuilding cycles has left United’s passionate fans apprehensive about the club’s commitment to regaining the apex position on that pedestal that Sir Alex Ferguson helped conquer and retain. The chief antagonists in this tale are the American capitalists, the Glazer family, who own the enterprise and who have compromised the integrity of the institution by placing an executive structure captained by non-football merchants, and are also compromising the natural immunity of the club by riddling it with debt.

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