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Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.9195 Serial Numberl

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secure network analytics is a fully featured network traffic analysis and security intelligence platform that allows you to gain confidence in securing the digital enterprise by continuously monitoring the network and cloud traffic, and pinpoints any hidden threats before they turn into a major incident. the product is built around cisco securex, a real-time, event-driven, dynamic security solution for cloud and mobile environments.

unlike traditional network threat protection tools, which only monitor traffic, secure network analytics can correlate network traffic with other data to detect, stop, and cleanse threats. it provides real-time visibility into applications, data, content, and user activity in the network, and correlates it all in real-time to detect malicious traffic and provide immediate, proactive defense against cyber attacks.

network-based intrusion detection and protection allows you to detect and respond to attacks and reduce the overall risk of digital business while allowing visibility into all aspects of the network, from the applications to the device level. it provides real-time network data stream analysis and integration with securex, providing automatic detection of threats and immediate response using thwart and securex to remediate and cleanse the network.

this document contains information for the cisco network magic 5.5.9195 and 5.9195-6 software. cisco network magic can manage a large number of ip addresses and devices that are part of the ip network. you can use this software to centrally manage remote devices and perform network diagnosis and troubleshooting, as well as block unauthorized activity and enforce network security policy. 3d9ccd7d82


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