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How To Do Rarindra Prakarsa Effect

I don't really like photoshopped images. But when I encountered Rarindra's doctored photographs, I'm amazed. At first I thought it was a painting.I like the way he modified the photographs :) How To Make Rarindra Prakarsa Effect? Check it hereCheck his website for more of his artwork :): -of-life-by-rarindra-prakarsa/#more-321

How To Do Rarindra Prakarsa Effect

The scattered light ray effect has been popular for many years. Long before Thomas Kinkade popularized the use of local light and color in paintings, which influenced this type of photography, my grandparents were partial to idyllic paintings of rural scenes that were very similar to the Rarindra Prakarsa technique, but with an American south and southwestern setting. Same very liberal play on the physics of light and shadow, same presence of light rays in every painting.

It was just an exaggeration of what you might actually see under ideal conditions in early morning or late afternoon on either very humid days or when dust hung in the air, both of which were common to the rural life my grandparents knew. The difference was in the romanticized vision, since the atmospheric conditions that contributed to this visual phenomenon was actually rather uncomfortable to experience before air conditioning was widespread. The extreme humidity or low level concentration of airborne dust necessary to produce this effect were uncomfortable and even unhealthy to live in, but in retrospect after years of air conditioned comfort, those paintings recalled for them a simpler, "better" part of their lives. Forgotten were the asthma attacks and pneumocystis. And vine-covered gates hanging askew from rusted hinges became picturesque wall adornments rather than backbreaking chores to be dreaded.

Jim and Mary said it well, these are compelling dreamscapes created (I'm sure they were posed) by someone who understands emotional pulls. By going so far over the top, he captures my immediate fascination, but loses a shot at my sustained interest. I admire the skill, but I'll never purchase one. However, I'm pretty sure he'll have a positive effect on a lot more people through his photography than I ever will through mine. No regrets, that's just how it is.

The reason the light is so eery but perfect is because of the sun filtering through the canopy. In a lot of these, the green glow is from this effect. He is simply taking the pictures as he sees them, most of the time.

A picture is worth a thousand words, if you ever watched a movie"Living dangerously" there was a similar light effects in this film when the Australian journalist,Mel Gibson, visited a hut in the outskirt of Jakarta.

Here are 25 stunning photos taken by Rarindra Prakarsa based on daily activities in Indonesia. He capture stunning photos from small moments of life composed photos with special characters and color effects and turn them into art.

How do we know about perseverance? Judge for yourself how long it can take to create one such work. And Andrey Poletaev himself confirms that one drawing is created approximately 200-300 hours of working time. Considering the monochrome images, the Ukrainian has to repeatedly apply layers by layers before the desired effect is achieved. The depth and volume of each image take us into the world created by the artist. And I want to stay in it. It glows and attracts with its variety of monochrome.


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