3 Contradictions that have left United Fans Fuming

Selling off pace - Danny Welbeck to Arsenal & Chicharito Loan

LVG claimed that Welbeck did not have the quality to start for a top team, and that Falcao’s addition to the squad meant he had to let Welbeck go. There were no such declarations in the Hernandez deal, but we can speculate that Falcao's presence also meant that the little pea would get even more limited chances with United. We now know LVG has benched Radamel on some occasions, and opted go with young Wilson due to his pace. But Welbz and Chicha both have the required searing pace, along with familiarity with the league. LVG decided to go with the Colombian with the dodgy knee who he has now left on the bench at crucial stages. The lack of pace shown also by the recently injured RVP does help the situation either - absolutely infuriating.

Playing Di Maria in the Wrong Position

At the start of this campaign LVG publicized the fact that United wing play would not take off because he did not have quality wingers in the likes of Ronaldo and Di Maria. Guess what? LVG and Woodward broke the transfer fee record to get Di Maria in the squad. LVG then decides to deploy Di Maria as a forward, or sometimes in the 'hole' behind the strikers. Di Maria has conjured up some abysmal stats while playing in the unfamiliar forward role. Never known as forward, Di Maria prospers with more space ahead of him to break into. Based on LVG's earlier comments, we have no idea why he decided to try to turn him into Robben redux.

LVG Policy on Injured Players Returning to 1st Team

The gaffer has always maintained he has a very strict program for players who drop out injured. He claimed that he treats every player the same regardless of name or value. I think we can know say that he does deviate from his imposed recovery regime based on what player gets hurt. If it is a Ashely Young or Ander Herrera, they don't get to return to the starting line up even after their two week probation period is over. Some have noticed the dutch players (RVP & Blind) get into the express program back into the squad, and so does the captain. This inconsistent application of this rule cannot be the best for morale.

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