Depay Makes it Official – Now Fans Must Give Him Time

Eredivisie’s top attacker, Dutch winger Memphis Depay, has finally completed his £31m move to Manchester United. PSV Eindhoven ended their 6-year wait to get their hands back on the Dutch league trophy this season with the help of the 21-year-old wonderkid. His league best 22 goals, along with electrifying world cup performances, made him a much sought after talent around Europe, and Louis van Gaal and Woodward have done well to secure his signature for the next 4 years.

Memphis Depay inspired United scarfs. Courtesy of Oli Scarff, Getty Images.

A new aura around United might bode well for the future of the young Dutchman. The willingness to give emerging talents time to catch their stride can be a refreshing stance from the impatient groans and whining of United fans. Starved of two successive seasons without any silverware, red devil fans are quick to lament and register their disappointment about prospects such as Adnan Januzaj, wanting the young Belgian to hatch into a reincarnation of Dennis Bergkamp on demand in some kind of weird super sped up metamorphosis.

New Signing Dutch Winger Memphis Depay standing with Manchester United Manager Louis van Gaal following the completion of his transfer at the Aon Training Complex on June 12, 2015. Courtesy of John Peters Getty Images.

Depay completes his medical at the Aon Training Complex on June 12, 2015. Courtesy of John Peters Getty Images.

Depay poses in United shirtat the Aon Training Complex on June 12, 2015. Courtesy of John Peters Getty Images.

Depay with scarf adorned in United colors outside the Aon Training Complex. Courtesy of John Peters Getty Images.

The anxiety level since Ferguson’s retirement has been predictably high, where there was once the patience to groom players like Ronaldo - as long as the club was still winning trophies. Now some fans expect young players to perform and maintain consistent high levels of form to serve as a crutch to prop the club up amongst elite clubs. There is no real cause for concern here, United are a marquee club estimated to worth billions, that just happens to be going through an, admittedly, rough transition period.

Depay completes his move to Manchester United, poses beside sportscar made by United sponsor Chevrolet. Courtesy of John Peters Getty Images.

Young players should be left to mature at their natural pace, new players should be left to assimilate in their new environment where the weather, culture, and level of intensity can be viciously different from what they might be comfortable with. Everyone adapts differently. Suarez was another top Eredivisie scorer who took to the English game like fish to water. His tenacious playing style suit the league, in the same vein, so did Aguero’s. However, we must give Depay the time and space to breathe. He will prove to be one of the most prudent acquisitions United has made in recent times, considering his age and potential.

The press and the fly-by journalists will no doubt pounce when the opportunity presents itself. They will scoff and hiss when Depay's struggles or when they percieve any sign of a less than stellar performance. No doubt the pundits will try to tie his £31m transfer fee around his neck, so he might never be unmindful of its weight. However, If you are a red devil out there, Depay will need your patience, your support, and time, especially through the ineluctable rough patches – and there will be more than a few.

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