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New United Adidas Kit Delivers...for Some

The decade long United-Adidas £750m deal kicked off in style, with Adidas delivering a retro style kit that some have hailed as a great looking design for the red devils. However, the women's women's has drawn some sharp criticism due to its overtly sexualized drooping v-neckline, designed to maximise view of the cleavage.

The new Manchester United mens kits has recieved very positive reviews.

The womens neckline was dropped considerably lower than the men's drawing the ire of some.

One might be forgiven to think the designers were heeding the advice of embattled FIFA president Sepp Blatter here. His commentary on how to 'spice' up the female game is well documented and well rebuked. Naughty Adidas...naughty.

Many female fans have taken to social media to express their disgust at their version of the new kit, and some have expressed intent to buy the mens kit instead. Let's see if the kerfuffle here is enough to make Adidas pull back the womens kit, and offer up a redesigned neckline to appease fans.

Adidas launch video for brand new United 2014-15 Kits. Courtesy YouTube.

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