Sorry Van Gaal, Fans have Right to Boo.

He might just have to poison them all. All the supporters who have spent a better part of over two decades feasting their eyes on riveting football, compelling drama unwinding on the pitch, the compensation for the money they remit to watch and support their most beloved team. The red devils had, like most teams, taken the form of the man at the helm, Sir Alex Ferguson. They breathed fire at the wings with fleet footed magicians in recruit. A league of distinguished gentlemen, like the hairy chested Welsh genius Giggs, the sure-footed eye candy Beckham, and Ronaldo his Portuguese upgrade. United made their luck, they made things interesting by playing the numbers, bodies crashing into the box to make something happen out of nothing. Collective breadths held unabated till the very final whistle because no one knew what these devils would conjure even at death. Will they score? They always do. It’s even beyond winning things, it the base requirement, the very fundamental need of this particular clan of these hedonistic devil followers, a desire to be entertained.

United boss waves to unsettled Red Devils fans after win against CSKA in Champions League.

So if Louis Van Gaal, the great trainer-coach, wants the Manchester United fans to swallow their boo’s and stand stoically by, while he serves his dry dish of short shuttle passing, watching the neon ball whirring from side to side and backwards (then repeat) till we all grey-out, then he might have to concoct a ridiculously sinister plan to eliminate the section of fans that give the current displeasure of the football coming out of Old Trafford some ponderance. Less that, there is no way on god’s green earth to make the fans un-see what they did during the swash buckling, blood and thunder era of United. I think Manchester United have the most sophisticated fans anywhere period, I believe they understand nuances. They would have seen Ferguson himself adopt a more pragmatic approach to re-tool United to cope with emerging European challengers, and to modernize the red devils so that they remain relevant in the super competitive upper echelons of football clubs.

Youngster Lingard was breath of fresh air willing to take risks. Fantastic assist for Rooney goal.

So nobody realistically expects the